Starfield: Quests is said to be based on Bethesda’s “old-school RPG roots”.

The Elder Scrolls 6 logo in front of a mountain range.

In recent weeks, most Microsoft-related news has been overshadowed by the latest developments in the $69 billion Activision acquisition. In addition, many Xbox fans had to during the Game Awards look into the tube. So there was no news whatsoever red case and Co – until now. In a new interview he speaks leading quest designers from Starfield on what to expect in space adventure and how to get there old roots wants to return.

How does Bethesda plan to return to its ancient roots?

in one interview said the lead quest designer Will Shen about what tasks can await us in the space adventure Starfield. So they want to return to their “old-school RPG roots” by more dialog choices that change based on the player’s skills and backstory. “We really tried to draw inspiration from all of our previous titles to build great quests.”said Shen about the role-playing game.

Starfield is said to have high replay value

Quest designer Will Shen goes on to suggest that Starfield has a high degree of replayability will have. This is partly due to the many options that ensure that you will usually not complete a quest in the best possible way the first time you play it through.

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“Decisions are [uns] always very important” he says in an interview with Bethesda. “Both the choices players make, but also what choices people and the environment can make in response. So as I write, I’m asking myself ‘okay, the player just did X, how might their ally or opponent react ?What is the best possible response?’ […] There’s always a better way to miss, but if it makes sense from a game perspective, hopefully you’ll feel like the story is responding to you.”