The Witcher 3 update turns blunt sword into legendary weapon

In the next gen version of The Witcher 3, a sword is now particularly worthwhile.

In the “Next Gen” version of The Witcher 3, a sword is now particularly worthwhile.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of The Witcher 3 not only bring a technical update, but also change many small things compared to the original. For example, it is now possible to pet Roach and the minimum height for fall damage has also been adjusted. Also moved an annoying fast travel point so we can save some time.

Another change concerns a weapon that Geralt of Rivia finds throughout his adventure. In the original, the sword was still a useless weapon, but in the “Next Gen” version it suddenly turns into an extremely useful companion for the witcher.

Witcher 3 turns toothpicks into a stately sword

What sword is it? During the quest line “Brothers in Arms: Skellige“ we can try to win the NPC Crach an Craite as an ally for the big battle in Kaer Morhen. When he reveals to us that he cannot support us on site, he offers and that legendary sword winter blade on.

There are many myths about the sword that even Geralt knows about: The sword is said to have been forged in dragon fire and is said to have incredible strength. But what we found throughout the original The Witcher 3 was more of a disappointment.

What is the problem? By the time we find the sword, it was already underleveled. In most cases we already had numerous swords in our inventory that were stronger than the fabled sword. With the update, however, the flaw was eliminated by CD Projekt.

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How beautiful The Witcher 3 has become can now be captured with the new photo mode:

The Witcher 3 trailer shows how cool the new photo mode is


The Witcher 3 trailer shows how cool the new photo mode is

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What did the development team change? The sword now levels with Geralt. This means that its strength scales with progress and will never be underpowered. This makes the Winter Blade a loyal companion that should be fetched as soon as possible.

What can the sword actually do? The Winter Blade is a steel sword designed to be used against humanoids. In addition to considerable damage, the sword has the bonuses armor piercing, Critical hit bonus and chance of freezing.

Are you happy that such small things have been adjusted for the “Next Gen” upgrade or would you have preferred to see improvements elsewhere?