There’s a Christmas Event running in Diablo 3 now with some hell of a gift – find them here

Diablo 3 Loot Holiday Gift new

In Diablo 3, an event is running and giving out holiday gifts. Inside you’ll find wings, companions, mats, transmogs, and more. We’ll show you where to find the gifts and what’s inside.

What is this event? The Christmas event, which has now been active for a few weeks, started surprisingly on December 16th. Playing during the event is really worthwhile for you, because many gifts await you.

Certain enemies have a chance to drop Christmas loot. We’ll show you the loot you’ll find inside.

Infernal holiday event in Diablo 3

When is this running? The event started on December 16 at 8:00 p.m. and will be active until February 5, 2023 at 8:00 p.m.

Where are gifts? The Holiday Gifts can be obtained from Treasure Goblins and Rift Wardens in Greater Rifts.

The rift bosses have a higher chance than the goblins.

What are the gifts like? On the ground you will recognize the gift after a drop. In addition, a green beam emanates from it. Similar to a set part. We tried that for you. On the screenshot you can see the loot:

You can’t miss a gift in the inventory either:

Diablo 3 holiday gift inventory

What loot do the presents bring? The loot pool is divided into two parts: things that are always there and things that are in the gifts can.

In each gift you will receive:

  • 5x Rune from Khanduras, Nightshade from Caldeum, Tapestry from Arreat, Corrupted Angel Flesh and Holy Water from Westmarch
  • arcane dust
  • breath of death
  • forgotten souls
  • Recyclable parts
  • Cloudy crystals

You can also find the following items in a gift with luck (there is no guarantee here):

  • wing
    • cosmic wings
    • Wings of the Falcon
  • companions
    • blaze
    • Little rascal
    • The fat one
    • Charlotte
    • Friendly armored hands
    • Galthrak the Disturbed
    • grunkk
    • Hair-raising Hannah
    • Humbart Wessel
    • Lady Morthanlu
    • Lamb
    • Liv Moore
    • exlex
    • Miss Madeleine
    • The Mimic
    • Overseer Lady Josephine
    • Queen of the Succubi
    • It-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named
    • The stomach
    • unihorn
  • transmogrifications
    • Amber Wings
    • The dapper
    • Crossbow of Corvus
    • louts of carnage
    • Blade of the Ghoul King
    • godslayer
    • hand of despair
    • Helm of the cranial crustacean
    • The horadric hamburger
    • kingmaker
    • Lachdanan’s Stormshield
    • crow leg
    • people driver
    • panther claw
    • The Will of Que-Hegan
    • Sword of the Fifth of Years
    • Rakanishu’s blade
    • The kiss of death
    • Second Sword of the Five Years
    • spectrum
    • Star Helm
    • Star Spaulders
    • Steffon’s Heavy Lance
    • Sungjae’s Fury
    • Templar’s Chain
  • various
    • Sword of Mediocrity
    • Blood Shards
    • Coal (Luminous Ore)
Diablo 3 holiday gift loot
We found this content in our first gift

In our test, the first boss dropped a present from a Greater Rift. How high the gift chances are is currently still unclear. But according to the first reports from the community, the gifts drop quite often.

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So this is a good opportunity for you to fill your storage with materials and maybe get a taste of Diablo 3 again over the holidays. Will you check out the special content or does Blizzard have to come up with something else to get you to log into the game now?