This cosplay of Melina from Elden Ring is happy to accompany you through the land between

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From Software’s masterpiece Elden Ring was able to hit the this year’s game awards clear clear, in addition to the prize for best game of the year it also received the award for the most anticipated game of 2022. The makers also recently explained why the spiritual Darksols successor is so depressed. A key protagonist and at the same time a fan favorite is Melina and a cosplay has now appeared for exactly this character.

Melina Cosplay

The Reddit user SakuraSpectre has a picture of her cosplay of on the platform Melina from Elden Ring released. The elaborate eye make-up immediately stands out. She wears a yellow contact lens on the right and her left eye is even completely glued up, just like in the template. The young woman also wears a simple linen robe.

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Who is Melina from Elden Ring?

Melina is one of the main characters and key figures in Elden Ring. On her journey through the intermediate land, the player encounters the mysterious finger maiden again and again. And although it is practically the only companion, very little is known about her. Nevertheless, there are numerous theories about the background of the mysterious woman. But Melina is also very important apart from the story, she not only gives the player a mount, but can also be called on as a capable support in important story boss fights.

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