Who’s afraid of the Steam Controller 2.0?

The Last of Us Part 1: Remake will also be playable on the Steam Deck (1)

In an interview with The Verge Valve’s Steam deck designers Lawrence Yang and Pierre-Loup Griffais talked about plans for the next version of the Steam Decks. The display and the battery life are probably the most problematic and most criticized components valves want to revise. Even if that Steamdeck is actually very easy to repair, the battery of the power handheld is installed in a relatively complicated manner and is therefore difficult to replace. A big problem when you consider that batteries tend to lose power quickly. The display of the expensive handheld is compared to the OLED version of the Nintendo Switch also repeatedly criticized and is to be replaced for Steam Deck 2.

Really now? The Steam Controller returns?

Far more surprising than the improvement plans for the Steamdeck For many readers of the interview, however, the mention of the Steam Controllers have been. The first version of the Valve controller was met with harsh criticism. Component quality was poor, there were compatibility issues, many games required players to manually map – the principle of a universal controller was commendable, but the execution was poor.