WoW: December 17, 2022 hotfixes bring new optional reagent

WoW: You can now test Dragonflight for free

from Sarah Petzold
On December 17, 2022, the WoW developers once again applied a series of new hotfixes to the Dragonflight live servers. In addition to various bug fixes, the mini-patch also includes the introduction of a new optional reagent.

The weekend is here – and that means for World of Warcraft: There’s another load of hotfixes for the live servers. This time the developers have made some class bugs in Dragonflight and taken care of a few minor problems in dungeons and raids. The highlight, however, is a new optional reagent called Griftah’s All-Purpose Embellishing Powder.

The powder grants your gear +1 glitter when applied during the crafting process. It also removes any embellishments you already have on the gear and the Unique: Embellished (2) requirement. It is obvious that this apparently groundbreaking new reagent is just another new scam by the sleight of hand Gaunah, who has often tried to fool players with his alleged top products. We still find the idea very funny, don’t you think?