WoW: You can now test Dragonflight for free

WoW: You can now test Dragonflight for free

from Sarah Petzold
The WoW developers have thought of a little Christmas present for you: If you haven’t bought Dragonflight yet, you can test the expansion for free for a limited time. We will explain to you exactly how this free phase works.

Dragonflight has finally been live for a few weeks, giving players a chance to heal their Shadowlands trauma. But those who have not yet seized this opportunity and turned their backs on the wild expanses of Azeroth after Shadowlands now have an incentive to return. Because for a limited time, players who have not yet purchased the new Dragonflight expansion will have the opportunity to explore the content of Dragonflight – at least part of it – for free.

Free Dragonflight Trial: Level up to level 63 with the Dracthyr Caller

As the WoW developers announced in an official blue post, players with an active WoW subscription or WoW game time who do not yet own Dragonflight can now test the expansion as a Dracthyr Caller. The following content is available:

  • the new class-race combination Dracthyr-Caller including starting area The Forbidden Island
  • the Awakening Coast on the Dragon Isles
  • Chapter 1 of the Dragonflight Story campaign
  • Level phase up to level 63
  • dragon riding
  • the new job system
  • Dungeons: Ruby Life Pool and Assault of the Nokhud
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