DCS World: Major update brings many improvements and Black Shark 3 – News

DCS World: Major update brings many improvements and Black Shark 3 - News

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On December 16th, Eagle Dynamics released an extensive update which, in addition to smaller bug fixes, also included concrete, extensive improvements for the flight simulation DCS World contains. The update brings real-time lighting to the Persian Gulf map, which will make twilight and night flights in particular even more impressive. You can then test the whole thing directly in the new Rise of the Persian Lion II campaign for the F/A-18C Hornetwhich can be purchased separately.

The biggest innovation for helicopter pilots, however, is likely to be the publication of the Black Shark 3module be. Eagle Dynamics have fundamentally revised their oldest module and equipped it with a new 3D model. But the upgrade (Black Shark 2-Owners can buy the new module for around ten euros, the price is included for first-time buyers Steam at 68.21 euros) not only brings cosmetic changes: The new version of the Ka-50 has more weapon mounts, the possibility of using air-to-air missiles and a missile warning system that automatically triggers countermeasures if desired.

But modules that have been in existence for some time are not neglected either: The AJS-37 Viggen also gets an overhaul with the update, both in terms of the 3D model and systems and weapons. Now your flight maneuvers will realistically generate water vapor on the wing tops when you fly hard enough, giving the Viggen visual effects similar to those of newer modules (e.g. the F-16C Viper) has to offer.

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Eagle Dynamics has also committed to Multithreading theme commented: The engine has recently been revised in such a way that several cores of the CPU can be used. This ensures better performance, especially in missions with many objects, as is the case in multiplayer. The changes are already in the internal test phase and should be published next year, i.e. 2023.

In the YouTuber’s English-language video embedded below Growling Sidewinders you can get a first impression of the new Black Shark and its functions.