Director of the movie The Division affirms this has not been canceled

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The director of Netflix’s film adaptation of Ubisoft’s The Division has offered fans hope following reports that the film may no longer be made..

The Division is one of Ubisoft’s most recent and successful franchises, even though it’s only had two games over the course of 6 years with a free-to-play spin-off on the horizon. It had a very original premise of an America that was torn apart by a pandemic, causing a societal collapse. You then play as agents in major US cities to try and fight those who are creating a lawless post-apocalyptic world. Add some multiplayer elements and lots of gameplay loops to keep you coming back for more and have a successful online franchise.

Ubisoft and Netflix previously confirmed that a film adaptation of The Division was in the works, but recent comments from Kelly McCormick, one of the film’s former producers, suggested that the film may not be released. McCormick noted that she had heard that the film was on the back burner and that her production company had walked away from the project after the real world went through a pandemic. However, things may not be as dire as they seem.

Red Notice and The Division director Rawson Marshall Thurber took to Twitter to correct people who thought the movie had been cancelled. He didn’t really elaborate, but did say the reports about the movie being canceled were “incorrect.” Right now, we have no idea when to expect news, but Thurber teased that we may hear something soon. The director even noted on Twitter in November that he might have more to share before the 49ers win the Super Bowl, suggesting possibly before February, but that may have been a joke about the 49ers’ chances of getting that far.

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