Gameplay footage from upcoming Assassin’s Creed apparently leaked

Making of Assassin's Creed: This is how the series start of the cult series came about (1)

with God of War Ragnarok, Skate 4 or Sonic Frontiers there have already been a number of gameplay leaks this year. By far the largest and most influential was the Mega leak to GTA 6, about which we have reported extensively. But even shortly before the end of the year, a clip that was not intended for the public is haunting the Internet. After all, Reddit is apparently out of material Assassin’s Creed: Codename Jade popped up. So far there is only a teaser trailer and a rough concept for the mobile offshoot of the series.

What does the leak show?

According to the scenario, the video shows an assassin in China 215 BC. Specifically, the clip shows a scene from the game in which a village on the Great Wall of China is looted. The familiar gameplay of the series is clearly recognizable. Both the movement sequence and the short fight sequences shown are very reminiscent of the main parts of the series.

Also one cutscene can be seen, which has not yet been set to music. In this, the characters Dengling Bai and Wei Yu are briefly introduced. UI elements could also come from the previous representatives of the Assassin’s Creed series. To what extent this gameplay with a touch screen succeed is another question. The video clearly shows UI elements that refer to finger control.

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Although the gameplay shown looks quite advanced, there is still no release date or even a release period. There are also many hints in the video that this is a very early version of the title. Ubisoft has also not yet reacted to the apparent leak.