HBO’s The Last of Us Reveals New TV Spot

The Last of Us HBO Reveals New Character Posters

A new television ad for the adaptation of HBO of the game The Last of Ushas been revealed and shows new footage from the show. The Last of Us it is widely considered to be one of the best games of the last decade, if not all time. After a failed film adaptation, The Last of Us It’s coming as a TV series on HBO next month and the marketing is in full swing.

After a recent trailer complete with lots of new footage, HBO has started posting very short tv ads for The Last of Us. While it’s a mix and match of old footage we’ve already seen and some new footage, including scenes that may not actually be from the game, it’s a nice taste of what’s to come. Of course, it is expected that The Last of Us largely sticks to the game’s plot, so those familiar with it shouldn’t be too surprised by much of what is shown in the marketing. It has been confirmed that there will be new characters and additions to this story, but how much of that will factor into the series as a whole is unknown.

Based on the trailers, it appears that the series will adapt the first season of the first game. As for a second season, we’ll have to see how successful the series is to ensure another run of episodes following the second game. The logical thing would be to curl the loop, since many years pass between the first and second games and it would be good to see what stories they tell us between that time frame.

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The Last of Us premieres on HBO on January 15.