Hogwarts Legacy shows us new gameplay detailing its open world and gameplay

Hogwarts Legacy Seemingly Confirms Fast Travel Theory, GamersRD

Once again, the developers of the Avalanche Software studio have shared a second extensive and detailed gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy, where we are shown a tour on the outskirts of Hogwarts, The legendary wizarding school is one of the most iconic fictional locations ever created, largely thanks to the movies.

One of the most anticipated titles Hogwarts Legacy. Which mainly focuses on Hogwarts school. the developer Avalanche Software has always promised a completely open world around Hogwarts and while in the first gameplay demo we’ve only seen very little of the open world, just how impressive it is has finally been revealed to us through a new gameplay demo.

Hogwarts Legacy In the open world it offers us a very high level of detail and spectacular lighting, you can fly through these beautiful landscapes on a broomstick or on various mounts. It looks like the open world will have a lot going for it with multiple villages, challenges, and secrets scattered across the map. In addition to looking at the open world, they also give us a glimpse of its combat gameplay which shows us many options and combat styles which works great as an RPG game and also some customization options for the character’s equipment and utilities.

Hogwarts Legacy will launch on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on February 10, 2023. You can check out the gameplay below.

If you have not seen the first Hogwarts Legacy gameplay here is the news LINK


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