Lost Ark announces 3 new classes and a major graphic update at a huge event

Lost Ark announces 3 new classes and a major graphic update at a huge event

LOA On took place in Korea. This is the biggest Lost Ark event of the year. The developers presented their new content there, including new raids, three new classes and a “Major Graphics Update”. All of this is scheduled to appear in Korea in 2023 and parts of it will already come to us.

What are the highlights? Right at the beginning, the developers announced 3 new classes:

  • Slayer is slated for release in Korea in January. There is a video about her that we have included in the article. She becomes a female berserker.
  • The Soul Eater will be coming later this year. This is an assassin.
  • In addition, a new male scrapper was teased with a picture. However, concrete information is still missing here.

Immediately afterwards, the continuation of the main story and a new continent were introduced. These bring a new Abyss dungeon and a whole new system called “Elixir” that should expand the equipment systems.

It continued with new raids, PvP content and “Quality of Life” updates. A major graphic update will also be a highlight. We’ll tell you exactly what content has been announced.

Lost Ark Slayer – Trailer for the new class

Lost Ark brings innovations for every type of player in 2023

What’s up for PvE fans? They can initially look forward to a new continent. Voldis brings an Abyss dungeon and the announced Elixir system. This is supposed to be a new gear progression system and will require a lot of gold that will be drained from the game.

There will also be a number of other dungeons and raids:

  • The new Legion raid Thaemine is said to be the toughest Lost Ark has ever had. He will get four phases and there will be “fake attacks” meant to confuse players.
  • It continues with the Kazeros Raid, which should get a completely new style and completely new mechanics.
  • There are also two new Guardian raids: the bat Veskal and the frog Gargedith.
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There should also be new items, stickers and trophies for your own island.

What’s next for PvP fans? Lost Ark will get two completely new PvP modes in 2023. The first will be a 4v4 style MOBA. There will be 2 lanes and PvE monsters and you will be able to play different characters.

The second mode is called Primal Island and will be a battle royale with survival mechanics.

What can all players look forward to? Lost Ark is getting prettier. A major graphics update is coming that adjusts the reflections, the water and the lighting. Also, the MVP screen will be redesigned to show more data.

Classes will also unlock the third Awakening ability next year. This affects both PvE and PvP players.

In addition, the developers are making some adjustments to make the MMORPG more enjoyable. There will be new storage space for raid materials and you should be able to sail ships faster in the future.

Last but not least there are new instruments that can be controlled via the keyboard.

You can watch the full LOA On in Korean with English subtitles here:

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Is all this really coming in 2023? According to their own statements, the developers got 88.6% of the announced content of the LOA On into the game last year. If they succeed again, much of the content announced here will actually be released in Korea in 2023.

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What comes to us? That hasn’t been revealed yet. However, we expect an official roadmap from Smilegate/Amazon soon.

What do you say about the changes? Do they speak to you? What should come to us as soon as possible?

Lost Ark initially has some hurdles to overcome. If you can do that, the raids and PvP are particularly impressive. I noticed this myself in November 2022:

I threw money at Lost Ark and I’m finally enjoying it