Spy x Family will return in 2023 with the 2nd Season and a movie

Spy x Family will return in 2023 with the 2nd Season and a movie GamersRD

Twilight and her family return in 2023 for two unique Spy x Family events. Currently, the release order of these announcements is not fully known. But if we officially confirm that we will get a second season of the anime and an original movie.

When Spy x Family The anime fans welcomed it with open arms and made this adaptation gain popularity and quickly skyrocketed into one of the best anime of the year 2022. The hilarious story of a secret agent tasked with building a fake family from scratch has touched hearts. around the world. There is still a week left until the end of season 1 of Spy x Familybut it’s already been done an ad about what will happen with the anime continuity.

the family movie Spy x Family it will be completely new and will not be based on anything from the manga. The manga artist of the series Tatsuya Endō will oversee production and handle all original character designs. If the movie hits theaters, it will undoubtedly be one of the biggest anime movies of 2023.

Spy x Family has shown strength in manga sales again this year, no doubt thanks in part to the successful manga adaptation. He ranked third behind Jujutsu Kaisen Y Tokyo Revengers with sales of 10,600,571.

There would still be several months to wait for the movie or the first episode of the second season. The series does not adapt all of the currently available volumes, so you will have time to pick up and catch up on the anime and manga.

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