The Sims 4: That’s how many hours players put into the title this year

Extremely aggressive Sims in The Sims 4: The patch has been postponed again (1)

Electronic Arts recently officially announced how many hours have been put into the fourth installment of the Sims series this year. The game, which since this October in its basic version for free is available, could over 1.4 billion hours played register. In addition, compared to last year according to EA 18.5 percent more Sim characters were created. There was a lot to report about the creation of the characters this year. Not only does the game now have the ability to determine the character’s sexual preference, but also gender-neutral and custom pronouns.

The Sims in 2022

So while EA proudly announces the 1.4 billion hours on their website, there is already the next part of the sims in production. This is the so-called Project Renéwhich has not yet been established release window Has.

But apart from the sequel and new features, there were some other reports about the brand this year. For example, a DLC caused a stir, which, among other things, told the story of a same-sex couple. EA had actually planned not to launch the DLC in Russia. A short time later, however, they reversed their own course. Later in the year there was a leak regarding Project Rene, which we also reported on.