World’s smallest city builder The Block has appeared on Steam

World's smallest city builder The Block has appeared on Steam

from Sarah Petzold
With The Block, the self-proclaimed smallest city builder in the world is launched on Steam and not only attracts with a particularly small price. The game sees itself as a short, fun gaming experience without great demands and “costs less than a doner kebab”.

City builders are all the rage right now and are available on Steam in almost every shape and size imaginable. While the new edition of Dwarf Fortress is certainly unrivaled in terms of complexity and scope, a German developer is betting on a completely different card with The Block. Because The Block sees itself as “the smallest city builder in the world” – and we believe that without looking at it.

The Block offers no challenge, just relaxed gameplay

Because in The Block we only have a single square to build, which in turn is divided into a limited number of small tiles. We can build on each of these tiles, with random buildings in pixel optics. At the start of each game we find a piece of land with a single building on it. With the mouse we then place other buildings that appear randomly at the tip of our mouse cursor.

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The condition: Each placed building must touch an already existing structure. But we can rotate the buildings or skip them if we don’t like a certain structure. In addition to houses, we also have small towers or trees to build, which are customized with many details (benches, ornaments, lanterns, etc.).

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The game does not offer any challenges or unlockable content, but according to the developer only serves as a “tiny digital toy” or a “short, fun experience”. Each game lasts only a few minutes and should let the player relax with comfortable music. The title costs just 2.39 euros or 1.91 euros in the sale for the release – and is therefore, as the description aptly says, cheaper than a doner kebab.

Source: Steam