2 new dungeons in WoW Dragonflight are causing frustration and hundreds of deaths: “It’s brutal”

2 new dungeons in WoW Dragonflight are causing frustration and hundreds of deaths: "It's brutal"

Season 1 has finally opened up the mythical keystone dungeons for WoW Dragonflight. Many players are now trying to complete the highest possible keys. However, two of the dungeons are so hard that there are even comics about the agony they are.

What are these dungeons? The Ruby Lifepool and Algeth’ar Academy are 2 of the 8 dungeons that are in the Mythic+ rotation in Season 1 of Dragonflight. Besides these, only the Nokhud Attack and the Azur Vault from Dragonflight are new, the other dungeons come from old expansions.

The Ruby Lifepool and Algeth’ar Academy are making for tons of memes and threads in the World of Warcraft subreddit. Players complain that the two dungeons are too hard.

Mythic+ requires you to complete dungeons in a given time with added difficulty. But that just doesn’t seem to be possible for most players at a certain level at the moment. Even the popular webcomic Dark Legacy Comics has this released a new strip:

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How hard are the dungeons? For the ruby ​​life pool about 30 minutes are given. But one player shows a picture, in which he and his group only finished after 141 minutes. The troop has accumulated a proud 192 deaths. Kudos at this point for perseverance.

The situation is similar at the academy. There shows a user, graduating after over 100 minutes with 123 team deaths. The timer requires 32 minutes for a key upgrade here.

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The two posts are not the only ones. At the moment, dungeons are one of the biggest topics on the subreddit and more and more players are sharing their miserable results.

You can find all information about Dragonflight in our special. In the trailer you can see the most important features again at a glance:

WoW shows the most important features of Dragonflight in the gameplay trailer, fans praise: “Finally hype again”

“Is it me or are the M+ dungeons caster hell?!”

What makes the dungeons so hard? The season is now a bit harder at the beginning of the expansion anyway because the players simply lack the gear. Hardly anyone wears the sets from the raid or already significant equipment from the dungeons.

This can be seen, for example, in the DPS ranking of the season, where there are still strong fluctuations and where there is still a lot of room for improvement. This will probably only change with the reset from December 21st, when the Great Treasury can be opened here for the first time.

Especially with the two dungeons mentioned, there are other factors that make them almost unplayable for the moment:

  • The Quaking affix means that casters and healers often have to interrupt their spells to avoid getting banned.
  • At the same time, there are opponents in both dungeons who can interrupt spells of their own accord. So you often just don’t get to magic.
  • In addition, all non-bosses (“Trash”) fall into a rage from 30% life points and cause more damage, which only a few classes can prevent. Reinforced also makes Trash stronger.

Certain enemies, like the dragons in Ruby Lifepool, are inherently borderline in terms of damage. Through the combination of affixes and effects, they sometimes deal almost incurable damage or simply kill players immediately.

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Here you can vote for which dungeon you like best in Season 1:

In the Academy, many players complain about the “Tree Boss” the Overgrown Ancient. This one has pretty nasty mechanics like a stackable Poison DoT if the adds aren’t played properly. With the Tyrannical affix coming next week, which boosts bosses, many players see black for the dungeon here.

Is it even possible to get through? Some players report that in their groups they explicitly say: “Slow down, pull group by group. It’s enough if we play the key in time and if we only have one second left.” So it is quite feasible.

Adjustments by Blizzard are not yet in prospect. There are strong buffs for 7 classes that may make the keystones a little lighter.

But there are also general complaints from healers that they have a pretty tough job right now. Healers have been passively nerfed in Dragonflight and right now, as the expansion begins, it’s hard to keep up.

I can fully share this experience. As a summoner, I jump in as a healer quite often at the moment, be it in Mythic+ and even in the raid, because the healing just isn’t enough in places. Right now, healing is really a struggle, but this is refreshingly different:

The first raid in WoW Dragonflight puts a strain on our healers, but I’m having more fun than I’ve had in a long time