65: Trailer for sci-fi thriller starring Adam Driver reveals unusual premise

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from Susan Brown
A Quit Place writers and producer Sam Raimi have released a trailer for the sci-fi action thriller 65 that shows the unexpected challenges that starship pilot Mills (played by Adam Driver) must face. Because the question is not where he crashed with his ship, but when.

Have you ever heard of the sci-fi action thriller 65? No? However, you should remember the name! The theatrical release date is March 9, 2023 and a new trailer has just been released revealing the film’s unusual premise. It is about the spaceship pilot Mills (played by Adam Driver), whose ship, with 35 passengers on board, is stranded during a long-distance exploration mission on a seemingly unknown planet in whose forests dangerous monsters lurk. Before leaving to explore the new world, he sends a message into the ether: “Send help.” Here the trailer:

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OMG dinosaurs!

Assuming you’ve seen the trailer, are you excited for Mills’ adventure? Because his ship didn’t crash-land somewhere, but apparently on earth, although not at a time when his high-tech equipment is of much use to him. Instead, he must fight his way through the flora and fauna of the earth with the survivor Koa, as they were ubiquitous 65 million years ago, in other words: he must show a few hungry dinosaurs whether humans were made to survive in their time.

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