After Instagram: Youtube also deletes Pornhub account

After Instagram: Youtube also deletes Pornhub account

from Yusuf Hatic
The pornhub erotic portal was expelled from the next social media platform: After the official Instagram account was deleted, the associated YouTube account has now also been hit.

First Instagram, now Youtube: After the official channel of the portal for adult content was removed from the social media platform Instagram, Google’s video platform has now also pulled the plug and deleted the official account of the Pornhub site. Jack Malon is cited as the reason for this in his function as YouTube spokesman on the Variety page, according to which Pornhub is said to have linked to external content and thus violated the community rules.

This violation had therefore occurred several times, which resulted in the closure of the account after a review. Mindgeek, the company behind Pornhub, defends itself against the allegations. According to a spokesman, such external links never existed, instead Pornhub uses “the best security measures on the Internet” to ensure that rules like those on YouTube are not broken. The expulsion was therefore arbitrary and would be “another example of discrimination against people in the adult industry,” as the Mindgeek spokesman continues.

This discrimination has become a trend in the social media industry, in which consensual adult content is recklessly equated with exploitation. Arbitrary enforcement of the rules by YouTube is dangerous and damaging for the entire industry – instead, Mindgeek demands the same treatment of social media platforms as “everyone else”. According to Variety, the YouTube account itself did not show any erotic content, instead there were videos about models, fashion and music.

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As with the Pornhub Instagram takedown, the account suspension was requested by the National Center on Sexual Exploration (NCOSE). The conservative non-profit organization says it opposes the spread of pornography, but has also campaigned against human trafficking, sexual exploitation and same-sex marriage. A spokesperson told Variety that NCOSE welcomes YouTube’s decision to shut down the Pornhub account. This led users directly to the erotic portal, which was “demonstrably full of child pornographic material, rape and sexual abuse”.

Source: Variety