Avatar 3: Please what, HOW long could the movie be?

Avatar: The Way of Water

Recently is with Avatar: Way of Water the sequel to one of the most successful films of all time has come to German cinemas. And while the sequel is currently doing solidly in the cinema charts, the third part of the series already shot. Since the film according to current plans from the December 18, 2024 The reports about the third part are piling up accordingly. According to insider Jeff Sneider, one already exists Rough Cut of the film, which has a running time of believe it or not 9 hours should have. Specifically, he said so in an issue of “The Hot Mic” podcast.

9 hours Avatar 3?

But not only the length of the rough cut should cause a frown. After all, Cameron 20th Century Studios have asked to complete this early version of the film special effects equip. Only then did he want to shorten the runtime of the strip, Sneider said in the podcast.

Screenrant emphasizes that a 9-hour film is not only a narrative, but also a logistical challenge. Fewer possible screenings due to the running time and the time required in between to clean cinema halls do not necessarily speak for such an undertaking. So it’s not very likely that we’ll actually see a 9-hour Cameron film in theaters two years from now.

What exactly would then happen to the immense amount of finished material is another question. True, Screenrant raises one series as a viable option, but at the same time emphasizes that Cameron himself believes that the necessary technology for this is still more than 10 years away.

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