Bosch battery 18V up to 53% cheaper: Cordless screwdrivers & rotary hammers from Bosch Professional at great prices

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More and more professional craftsmen and ambitious do-it-yourselfers appreciate the advantages of cordless tools. Whether it’s a Bosch 12V cordless screwdriver or a Bosch Professional 18V rotary hammer, cordless work is more flexible and safer without any nasty tripping hazards. If you are looking for a new Bosch 18V or 12V battery, either as a replacement or with a larger capacity, you can now save some money at Amazon. Ahead of Christmas, the shipping giant has slashed prices on Bosch Professional 18V batteries by up to 53%. 12V rechargeable batteries and rechargeable batteries for Bosch Home and Garden as well as 18V tools from Bosch Professional such as cordless screwdrivers, rotary hammers and angle grinders are also available at great savings shortly before Christmas – but only while Amazon stocks last.

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Bosch battery 18V & 12V from Bosch Professional & Bosch Home and Garden

Rechargeable batteries are known to lose capacity at some point and must be regularly connected to the power drip. If you want to replace an older battery with a new Bosch 18V battery with a larger capacity or simply want to have an additional battery for your Bosch Professional tool in the range, you will now find great savings on Amazon. Whether Bosch battery 18V 2.0Ah, 3.0Ah, 4.0Ah, 5.0Ah or ProCore 18V 5.5Ah with a longer service life, up to 53% can currently be saved compared to the RRP. But anyone who needs a Bosch 12V battery or battery for tools from Bosch Home and Garden will also find offers on Amazon at greatly reduced prices before Christmas. Almost all of the following offers can be delivered before Christmas, but the savings deals are only valid while Amazon stocks last.

18V battery from Bosch Professional & Bosch 12V battery at Amazon up to 53% cheaper

Bosch battery 18V 2.0Ah

Bosch battery 18V 3.0Ah

Bosch battery 18V 4.0Ah

Bosch battery 18V 5.0Ah

Bosch Pro Core 18V 5.5Ah (longer lifespan)

Bosch ProCore battery set 18V: 2x battery 4.0Ah + charger

Bosch battery set 18V: battery 4.0Ah + charger

Bosch battery 12V 2.0Ah

Bosch battery set 2x 12V 3.0Ah

Bosch Home and Garden battery 18V 2.5Ah

Bosch Home and Garden battery 2.5Ah + charger