Boycott Hogwarts Legacy? JK Rowling poisons against critics

The character in Hogwarts Legacy casts a spell.

The Harry Potter author JK Rowling recently issued a call for a boycott of Hogwarts legacy reacted. The author repeatedly speaks out publicly against the self-determination of trans people and especially trans women, as she sees this as a danger to women. The transgender community has therefore recently called for another call to boycott the role-playing game in the Harry Potter universe, which will be released on February 10, 2023, to which Rowling cynically replied that those who refuse to play the game should also should refuse to read the Harry Potter books and watch the films.

Call for Boycott of Hogwarts Legacy

The call to Boycott Hogwarts Legacy (buy now / €53.99 ) came recently from the writer and filmmaker Jessie Earl, which campaigns for the rights and safety of trans people on various platforms and is trans herself. Earl tweeted on December 17th that “Any support for the current projects of the Harry Potter franchise so long as JK Rowling is responsible for them and using her ongoing platform to target trans people and also justify her continued targeting of trans people.” for the trans community “harmful” be.

She added: “I don’t begrudge anyone their love of past work or things they already own that bring them comfort. I own the first nine films and all seven books. But any endorsement of something like Hogwarts Legacy is pernicious.”

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Burn libraries and your dogs!

Rowling took this statement as an opportunity to react and tweeted backthat “the truly righteous would not only burn their books and films, but also the local library, all with an owl on it and their own dogs”. But the author didn’t explain what exactly innocent pets have to do with the whole thing.

In general, Rowling has a very unusual use of language in this regard. So tweeted her on the subject, but due to another non-Earl tweet: “And as for this, I’m horrified. This person actually advocates reading the books because ‘nobody needs to know anything’. That’s all well and good until you get drunk and accidentally quote one, kid.” I did never done it in public” won’t save you if the police see your Hufflepuff socks.” In it, she quoted a plea to be able to keep her earlier works, but not to talk about them anymore and not to generate any new income for her.