Brilliant role-playing game collection is finally coming to Playstation and Co.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is coming to consoles soon.

After the parts of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection were released for PC and mobile in the last few months, Square Enix’s role-playing games are finally appearing for the console. in the Spring 2023 should the titles then for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch be available. As part of the pixel remaster series were last again Final Fantasy 1 to 6 freshly launched. Square Enix also has one for the console launch special collector’s edition prepared.

All pixel remasters in one package

On December 18, 1987, Final Fantasy celebrated its debut in Japan with the first role-playing game. 35 years later it will be with the Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster: 35th Anniversary Edition celebrated. In addition to the collection of games, which will be available physically for PS4 and Switch for the first time, fans can look forward to a lot of other content. Including vinyls with the soundtrack, an art book, small figures and more. For 274.99 euros is the box exclusive in Square Enix store available.

Even without collectibles, the version of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection is already available for pre-order. The price is included with the box 74.99 euros – at the level of Steam Bundles, where all games can be bought digitally for 74.82 euros. Of course, the RPGs will also be available at launch individually end up in the store. On the PC, parts 1 and 2 cost just 11.99 euros. Final Fantasy 3 through 6 are available on Steam for $17.99.

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