Calico: New recipes and more in the Pawsome update

Calico: New recipes and more in the Pawsome update

The simulation game Calico is getting recipes and more content this week with the Pawsome update.

Indie publisher Whitethorn Games and developer Peachy Keen Games have announced the release of Calico: Pawsome Edition this week.

With all-new gameplay features like recipe-specific cooking minigames and quality improvements, business at the Cat Cafe is better than ever starting December 22nd on Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Pawsome Edition is Calico’s biggest content update to date, and includes many new features, big and small. This includes new animals scattered around the island for players to play with. Also, a new UI and general visual overhaul to provide a smoother gaming experience, the ability to customize players’ wallpapers and floors while in the cafe, and the big new feature: a brand new cooking mini-game!

The cooking skills that players have come to know and love have now been expanded! Each recipe now has its own set of mini-games to complete in the kitchen.

A new system for selling food in the cafe has also been added: time and accuracy in the recipe mini-games will reward players with a gold, silver or bronze star granting various bonuses to selling prices. But be careful: once the customers have bought all the fresh food, the star bonuses will disappear until the recipe is played again.

Calico is a community simulation game about an important and lovable task: rebuild the town’s cat cafe and fill it with cute and cuddly creatures! Build up your cafe by outfitting it with cute furniture, fun decorations, and delicious pastries, and make sure it’s revitalized with animals!

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  • Every animal is a friend: You will meet many animals on the island. Make friends with them, give them names, add them to your party, send them to the coffee shop, and most importantly, love them forever! Interact with your new friends by dancing, cuddling, petting, carrying, lounging and pampering them!
  • Charming Good Looks: Express yourself through fashion! Create an avatar and customize it with collectible clothing items found throughout the game.
  • Design, decorate, delight: Decorate the interior and exterior of the cafe to your liking! Collect and arrange furniture and toys for your human and animal visitors. Scratching posts, scratching posts and dog beds are an absolute must-have!
  • The Power of the Meow-Gik: There are no limits in the world of Calico! There are so many ways to live out your magical dreams with the potions system. Do you want to make your feline friend gigantic? With the magic potion More-to-Pet you are well taken care of!

The Calico Pawsome Update will be available on December 22nd, 2022 for Xbox One and Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC – via Steam, Epic Games, the Humble Store, and Game Jolt.

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