Developers are trying to find the most famous Genshin Impact leaker – that’s why he’s stopping now

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Leaks came regularly from UBatcha1, which revealed upcoming content from Genshin Impact. Now that the developers have started searching for the identity of the person, the person is throwing in the towel.

Upcoming Characters, Events, and New Bosses – Through UBatcha, fans of the action RPG Genshin Impact often know what content the developers are about to bring to the game.

Cognosphere, publishers of Genshin Impact, now want to take active action against this. They initiated a Subpoena to Discord – A legal process to find out the identity of leakers. This includes name, telephone number and address.

UBatcha delete all content

The person then removed any content that might infringe the copyright. The UBatcha Discord server itself, as well as the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor (WFP) server, have stopped posting. Everything is gone on Twitter too.

UBatcha published a statement in 5 tweets. In it, the person states that they have never been contacted directly by HoYoverse.

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The process is not just about the leaker, but UBatcha is the person with the largest number of followers. On Twitter there are almost 461,000.

He or she only received a warning via their own Discord server that the account should no longer disclose any information.

With regard to the subpoena, Discord did not explain exactly what content the procedure refers to. Therefore, the person decided to delete all content directly.

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“I should just use this account for random tweets, but I’ve never used social media for personal stuff before. We’ll see,” reads UBatcha’s most recent tweet.

What do you think of the fact that HoYoverse and Cognosphere are now taking action against leakers and are looking for their identity? Are you sad or happy that UBatcha1 won’t be posting anymore? What do you think about leaks in general – are they annoying spoilers for you, or an exciting look into the future of games? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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