Diablo 4: Collector’s Edition with lots of content but no game – News

Diablo 4: Collector's Edition with lots of content but no game - News

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Collector’s Editions on Acitivision Blizzard releases have been on store shelves for years. Also for diablo 4 an edition for collectors and enthusiasts has been announced. This includes a Candle of Creation, an Occult Mousepad, a Cloth Map of Sanctuary, a Horadrim Pin, the Diablo 4 Collectors Edition Artbook, two matte art prints, and no Diablo 4.

The hack-and-slash role-playing game is completely absent from the Collector’s Edition and apparently that’s also the plan in the Blizzard Gear Shop, which mainly carries merchandise items. Above the list of contents, the item description again points out that no game is included. A copy of Diablo 4 is available separately through the Diablo website. In the Collector’s Edition World of Warcraft: Dragon Flightreleased at the end of November, a key for the current chapter of the MMO role-playing game was still available.


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