Final Fantasy 16: Mogrys absolutely cute – but the game is not for the faint-hearted

Final Fantasy 16: Mogrys absolutely cute - but the game is not for the faint-hearted

from Susan Brown
There can’t be a Final Fantasy without very specific elements that are now firmly linked to the JRPG series – and if there are, then the games somehow feel incomplete. That’s why players will be happy that Final Fantasy 16 has confirmed that there will be at least one moogle. FFXVI isn’t for kids though; the game will be rated 16 or even 18+.

A Final Fantasy without such iconic creatures as moogle, cactor, chocobo, and carbuncle is only half a Final Fantasy. At least that’s what you might think if you ask the particularly die-hard fans of the JRPG series. But if you look at the quite idiosyncratic Summon design of Carbuncle and Chocochick in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, then… well. Basically, the Square Enix developers can of course do whatever they want with cult characters, but there should still be a certain potential for recognition.

There will be those who are excited for Final Fantasy 16 (buy now €99.99 ) lurking, probably pleased that, first of all, there is at least one moogle in Valisthea – and that he also looks completely normal.

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But maybe a little too normal. Because the fans who are also in the MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 are a bit annoyed that the moogle looks like the moogle from Eorzea for all its cuteness and Kupoheit, only the textures have been pimped up a bit. In general, players are divided on whether they should be happy that Final Fantasy 16 is visually so closely based on Final Fantasy 14.

Cute moogles, but the game won’t be for kids

Clive’s adventures in Valisthea, the trailer already gave it an idea with the full amount of squirting blood, but it won’t be for the faint-hearted and/or kids. It was already reported in early December 2022 (via kotaku) that Final Fantasy 16 has received the age rating “M” (for mature, i.e. adults), at least in Brazil. Violent scenes such as torture and hate crimes are cited as reasons, as well as sexual content, drug use and the depiction of prostitution.