Final Fantasy XIV will soon demolish your house if you’re idle for too long

Final Fantasy XIV will soon demolish your house if you're idle for too long

If you don’t visit your house in Final Fantasy XIV for too long, you risk losing it. The developers Square Enix will soon turn on the process of grading unused lots again.

Patch 6.3 will bring back what Square Enix had set with the Endwalker expansion: If a house doesn’t get any visitors for too long, it will be demolished automatically.

This process was active until December 2021. “After careful consideration” Square Enix will soon turn vacant lot demolition back on. This is to create more space for other players who want to buy a property.

After 30 days you will receive an email, then you have to act quickly

If you’re not there for 30 days, your property is at risk. You will then receive an email notification and in the game under “Timers” you will see in red text that your house will soon be demolished if you do not visit it.

Then when you go back, everything will be fine. For free society houses, it is enough if one member visits the property, it does not have to be the leader.

When do the days start counting? The 30-day timer will start as soon as Patch 6.3 comes to the MMORPG. At least for players who have entered their house within the last year when the timer was off.

If you or your free company have not visited the property at all, the timer will continue from where it stopped on December 5, 2021. So there might be very little time left to save the house.

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When is the patch coming? Update 6.3 is scheduled to arrive in Final Fantasy XIV in early January. The developers have not yet announced an exact date.

What do you think of the process? Are you happy that more plots of land will be available for purchase in the future? Or are you afraid of losing your house if you don’t log in for 30 days for whatever reason? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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