Gamer buys RTX 3080 cheaply on eBay, gets afraid of the seller – community explains why he is harmless

Gamer buys RTX 3080 cheaply on eBay, gets afraid of the seller - community explains why he is harmless

A gamer bought an RTX 3080 on eBay, but the seller’s explanation worries him greatly. The community tells him why he need not be afraid of the offer. Because not only gamers need a graphics card for their system.

If you want to play demanding or performance-hungry games on your gaming PC, you need a fast graphics card. Because this takes over many tasks when you play.

But not only gamers need graphics cards for their tasks. A user had to do that now on reddit determine. Because he had bought a GPU cheaply on eBay, but had doubts about the offer.

Other users get strange emails from Amazon when buying a graphics card:

Gamer buys graphics card, instead gets strange mail from Amazon – community warns of fraud

Not only gamers need graphics cards

What did the user do? A gamer bought an RTX 3080 for 570 US dollars (around 600 euros). But the seller’s hint confused him. This is how he writes:

The seller said they are upgrading GPUs for their marketing agency. What would a marketing agency use GPUs for?

I’m ignorant and don’t know whether to believe this or not lol. Is that the code for “I let the map work to death”?

Did he end up buying a graphics card for around 600 euros that some miner could have already “used up”? With this question he turns to the community. Because there are always scammers on eBay trying to rip you off with absurd offers.

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What’s behind the statement? The community explains that not only gamers need powerful graphics cards.

Graphics cards are used by professional users for video editing, 3D rendering or graphic design, for example. Many of these tasks won’t work without a GPU with decent performance. For example, the user writes ReallyQuiteConfused on redditthat you need different graphics cards for different purposes in your agency:

I run a small marketing agency. We’re currently using a 3090ti, two 6900XT, a 3080, 1080ti and 1070 plus a few random others for 6k RAW video editing, motion graphics, 50mp photo editing, etc.

The seller’s offer and his statement are therefore completely legitimate. After some time, agencies also want to upgrade their hardware in order to be prepared for new tasks.

There are regular attempts to defraud used graphics cards

Where does the user’s concern come from? Anyone who has ever bought a used graphics card knows that a lot can go wrong here. In the most annoying case, behind the seller there can also be a scammer who only wants your money. And in that case you never see the purchased goods.

Such a story has now happened to a user. He had bought a graphics card for a few hundred euros. But he will probably never see the purchased GPU, as the community has to gently teach him:

User buys top GPU for 300 euros – community explains to him why he will never see the graphics card