In Diablo 4 you get more than 120 of the most important effects for free – but you have to collect the best ones

In Diablo 4 you get more than 120 of the most important effects for free - but you have to collect the best ones

In the latest stream, the developers of Diablo 4 talk about a new system in the upcoming action RPG: crafting. Unlike before, you not only make items that become useless shortly afterwards, but really strong items – at least to a certain extent.

What are these effects? Diablo 4 has a new feature, the Codex of Power. This works similar to Diablo 3’s Kanai Cube and saves certain legendary effects.

Roughly speaking, effects that you normally find on legendary items can simply be found as “power” and saved in the codex. You can then transfer the corresponding power to a new item and even as often as you like.

In a December 15 stream, the developers talked about, among other things, the Battle Pass in Diablo 4 and its cost, as well as the codex and what powers you can get for it.

How do I get the effects? If you complete a dungeon in Diablo 4, you will receive a legendary “Aspect” as a reward at the end. As the developers explain, there are over 120 dungeons that provide you with the appropriate effects. Associate Game Director Joseph Piepiora says:

if [Spieler] visiting the dungeons and delving into their depths, there they will find aspects to the Code of Power. These are basically legendary effects. Each of these overworld dungeons hosts a unique aspect. […] There are over 120 dungeons in the game.

There was even talk of 150 dungeons in the past, which I thought was nonsense at the time. With a view to the legendary effects, however, it sounds more plausible that more or less unique dungeons will actually be playable here.

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There’s a catch, however: Legendary effects in the Codex of Power always come with the worst possible effect. This means that every number and every effect only brings with it the absolute minimum.

Also, you can’t get all legendary effects this way, but you can get effects from every class. You can see in the codex in which dungeon you get the corresponding aspect.

Incidentally, in the first allusion reports on the Diablo 4 beta, the dungeons were rated as fairly repetitive. Here we have summarized the latest information about the game for you:

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Legendaries are still the best source of power

What do the effects bring me then? Still, the Codex of Power makes sense because you can use it to enable certain builds. If you only need a certain effect to play your build, you can simply use it. Diablo Immortal has a similar system.

Synergies between effects are often more important in Diablo than the strength of an effect itself. So you can first try whether the build suits you at all before you start looking for stronger effects. In addition, aspects are unlocked for all characters.

This also goes hand in hand with the philosophy of the builds in general. You should be able to test skills via skills on items and be able to reskill them again and again due to increasing gold costs. This will be limited by an immensely increasing amount of gold at some point, but still provides flexibility.

You’re going to be busy leveling for quite a while anyway. In the meantime you can try a lot:

Where can I get better effects? Like all its predecessors, Diablo 4 relies on the principle of looting and leveling. You can only find the best items with luck and legendary effects there are stronger in most cases. So you will still have to grind properly.

There is also another handy option here: legendary effects can be extracted from equipment as “aspect crystals”. These crystals are items that you can use once to transfer an effect to another item. This also applies to effects that do not drop in dungeons.

When transferring an essence, however, you always overwrite the existing effect on another item.

We now know that Diablo 4 will be released on June 6, 2023 with three different editions and a Collector’s Box without a game. Here we tell you more about it:

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