Lies of P: New gameplay trailer for Pinocchio Soulslike

Lies of P (Action-Adventure) von Neowiz

In addition to the Game of the Year winner Elden Ring, other developers with comparable titles such as Steelrising or Thymesia also offered rock-hard video game fare this year.

There will be no end to the Soulslike trend in 2023 either, after all, the dark Pinocchio adventure Lies of P will then be in the starting blocks. The story about the puppet that came to life should come up with new elements in the upcoming game from the South Korean development studio Neowiz, as the current gameplay trailer shows.

Lies of P: Long nose, pointed weapons

Aside from the game’s eye-catching name, the connection to the classic children’s book is already mentioned at the beginning of the trailer, when honoring the Italian writer Carlo Collodi, who created the famous character of Pinocchio in the late 19th century. Even the original story is anything but a happy fairy tale, but Lies of P takes it up a notch.

In the dark alleys of the crumbling city of Krat there are numerous disfigured marionettes that pose a real threat to Pinocchio even without strings. It’s a good thing that the mechanical boy with the surprisingly short nose in the game knows how to defend himself and puts the cruel opponents in their place with various weapons.

While the gloomy setting is strongly reminiscent of From Software’s Bloodborne, the manic machines bring their own note into play. The previous gameplay material is reminiscent of the Soulsborne classics: methodical fights, menacing bosses and a focus on dodging including the stamina bar.

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Unchanged release period

Aside from the new gameplay scenes, well-known material has also been incorporated into the current trailer: The meeting with Geppetto, for example, who calls Pinocchio his son despite his seemingly humaneness in Lies of P – although in the original material he used the small wooden doll with his own carved hands.

And the four scary characters with animal masks at the end of the trailer are already well known to attentive fans: in the previous trailer, one of them was already carrying a coffin with the word “liar” written in it. The release period also remains true to previous information and remains at 2023 for the time being.