Lost Ark: 2023 brings 3 new classes, raid with fake attacks and graphics update

Lost Ark: 2023 brings 3 new classes, raid with fake attacks and graphics update

from Karsten Scholz
Over the weekend, the LOA On Winter event for Lost Ark took place in Korea, which was broadcast around the world via live stream. In the show, which lasted several hours, the developers of Smilegate revealed in detail which content will be produced for the year 2023. Look forward to new classes, raid challenges and a graphic update.

Are you one of those players who continue to enjoy Lost Ark? If your answer to the question was positive, you might also be wondering what the future holds for online role-playing games. That’s exactly what it was all about last weekend at the LOA On Winter Event 2022, where the Smilegate developers revealed what content the Korean version (and later all others) of Lost Ark should expand over the next twelve months. If you want to give yourself a little more than five hours, please (we summarize the most important findings below (via my MMO)):

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Lost Ark: Planned content for 2023

  • Lost Ark will be expanded with three new classes: the Slayer (a female Berserker), the Soul Eater (an Assassin specialization) and the male Scrapper.
  • Of course there will be a sequel to the main story, plus a new continent.
  • The developers are planning the new equipment system Elixir, for which you should already farm a lot of gold.
  • A new Abyss dungeon is planned.