Mission Impossible 8: Tom Cruise jumps out of a plane for you!

Top Gun: Maverick has set another record.

The fact that Tom Cruise always toiling away with full physical effort for his films is probably no longer a surprise. Still, he went beyond the bounds of normal to please fans of Top Gun 2 to thank. The actor gave his extremely unusual speech during a stunt for the next Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 1.

Jumping out of the plane: Tom Cruise thanks the fans

Top Gun: Maverick has whole at the worldwide box office $1.45 billion recorded. That was reason enough for the lead actor of the long-awaited sequel to the classic to thank his fans while jumping out of a plane. The spectacular stunt was created while filming for Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning and, as always, Cruise did the dangerous work himself.

Celebrating the success of Top Gun 2 (buy now €119.99 ) and the upcoming release of the sequel on the streaming service Paramount Plus Cruise shot a “little” thank you video with the new Mission Impossible camera crew. Before the stunt, which was filmed in South Africa, Cruise began by saying: “Thank you all for coming to the theater and thank you for supporting Top: Gun Maverick.”

The screenwriter and director Christopher McQuarrie also appears in the video, albeit reasonably strapped into the machine’s seat. After Cruise turns to his Mission: Impossible director McQuarrie, he unceremoniously jumps back-first out of the plane. While in the air he continues: “Thank you for letting us entertain you. It really is the honor of my life. [Ich bin] so happy.” You can watch the clip here:

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