MoMoCa 12/19/22: It’s getting contemplative – News

Photo by Hagen Gehritz

Hagen Gehritz 122936 EXP – Editor, R9, S10, A9, J10
December 19, 2022 – 12:59 p.m — Last updated 35 minutes ago


At this last MoMoCa, Hagen and Jörg welcome you to the year 2022 with answers to your questions, stream anticipation and sometimes derailing mental cinema.

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​​​​​​Jörg and Hagen get in the mood for the Twitch event on Tuesday, think back to GG content that was not at all contemplative at the weekend and their first gaming experiences, sometimes let their imagination run wild and answer a lot of your questions .

The timecodes of this episode

  • 00:49 Pre-Christmas greetings from Jörg and Hagen
  • 01:29 Tune in tomorrow Tuesday from 8 p.m. at GG Christmas TwitchEvent unlocked by the backers of the 2022 Christmas campaign
  • 03:45 The Sunday question: How long have you been playing?
  • 05:58 The survey showed: You shouldn’t fail because of the age limit if you use Jörg’s 4K Nemesis video The Callisto Protocol wanted to see
  • 09:04 GG week preview: Stay tuned for the latest installment of Burtchen’s Stream of Consciousness, Ramona’s Cooking Gallery, Previews Forspoken and One Piece Odyssey and the last WoSchCa of the year
  • 13:12 These weeks the crowdfunders of the Japan documentary 2022 also look forward to the second episode
  • 14:44 Opened this week Ganon the round of user questions: Why can’t you see Jörg at the beginning of test videos?
  • 15:33 sokar asks: How does Jörg deal with his “hard school of writing” today, which former GameStar editors like to report about?
  • 23:42 Will there be another Classic SdK this year, I asked wolves
  • 24:44 senior remembers that Jörg still something to Company of Heroes 3 had planned
  • 25:09 crizzo wants to know numbers: Which game have we played through the most and how often?
  • 27:14 Finally would like Sonyboy Jörg’s opinion on The Rings of Power Listen
  • 28:45 We would like to thank all previous supporters of the 2022 Christmas campaign and are happy about everyone who is new and would like to hang something on the tree
  • 33:02 Thanks for listening and we hope to read you in chat tomorrow on the stream!
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