N-ZONE 01/23: Pokémon, Resident Evil, Sonic Frontiers and more!

The new N-ZONE 01/23 is here!  Topics in this issue include: Pokémon Crimson &  Crimson, Resident Evil 2 &  3 Cloud, Sonic Frontiers.

As you will see when you turn the page, we have given the N-ZONE a small facelift in some places. That’s how the pictures got bigger! This is due to the following reasons – everything is becoming more expensive, not only food and electricity, but paper prices are also increasing and increasing. But the N-ZONE is now printed on paper! We would love to offer you the best print quality in your favorite Nintendo magazine, but since the prices have risen in recent months, the project has become even more utopian, so that we don’t end up in the red, we have to continue to use the current type of paper. The consequences are obvious: images “swamp”, look muddy, you can hardly see. So we decided to use this challenge as an incentive to modernize the layout. Not only are we enlarging the images so that the screenshots finally look good, we’re also omitting the tiny captions and captions. Don’t worry: information will not be lost, you can continue to read everything important in the article. If certain images require further explanation, we will of course continue to use captions.

Keyword duplications – we have also slimmed down the opinion boxes and the pro-con points. Almost always it just said in other words what we mentioned earlier in the text. We use the space gained for the larger images and thus a more pleasant reading experience. And no, we’re not skimping on words – articles aren’t getting smaller, they’re getting bigger, so you’ll still get all the information you need about the Switch topics and games!

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After this extensive update, the following applies as always: Write us what you think of the changes, we look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the new edition of N-ZONE!

The new N-ZONE 01/23 is here! Topics in this issue include: Pokémon Crimson & Crimson, Resident Evil 2 & 3 Cloud, Sonic Frontiers.

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Let’s now come to the topics of the current issue – the N-ZONE 01/23 is primarily characterized by tests. On more than 40 pages, we present you with detailed test reports including the new Pokémon generations Crimson & Purple, Sonic Frontiers, horror double pack Resident Evil 2 Cloud & Resident Evil 3 Cloud, the grandiose co-op experience It Takes Two and the Indie hit Inscryption. Also, to mark the 15th anniversary of Assassin’s Creed, we’re taking a look at both the making of the first Assassin’s adventure and the series as a whole. And of course you will find the second part of the walkthrough for Return to Monkey Island in the new N-ZONE.

You can read all this and more in issue 309 of the N-ZONE, which you can download from December 16 in our Online shop and from December 21st everywhere where there are magazines.
Our tip: Anyone who decides on an N-ZONE annual subscription will get one from us amazon.de shopping voucher for free. Of course, the new N-ZONE is also available in digital form! From now on, your favorite magazine will accompany you everywhere – whether on a tablet, smartphone, Kindle Fire or in the browser. From now on ePaper.computec.de for all common browsers, in iTunes storeon Amazon for Kindle Fire and in Google Play Store available. Register once – read on all platforms!

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