New MMO shooter for PC, Xbox and PS5 wants to revolutionize the genre – and be better than Anthem

New MMO shooter for PC, Xbox and PS5 wants to revolutionize the genre - and be better than Anthem

Project LLL wants nothing less than to revolutionize the MMO shooter genre. In a new QnA, the developers from NCSoft (Aion, Blade & Soul) gave insights into their plans.

What kind of game is this? Project LLL is supposed to be a new MMO shooter. The developers promise a huge, open world, realistic gunplay and lots of innovation. In the game world, people fight with mutants, giant battle robots and even demons in a single scene.

From the setting, the game is set in a near future. You play in a post-apocalyptic Seoul of the 23rd century. However, the world has already taken a slightly different path in the past, so you will see adjusted elements in the game.

In a first trailer you can watch the game and even gameplay:

New MMO shooter for PC and consoles takes place in a grim future – shows heated battles against combat robots

New shooter should offer unique aspects

What do the developers say about Project LLL? In a new video, various developers of the game respond to questions and comments from the community. It starts with comparisons to The Division and Anthem. For this it says:

Many say that LLL these AAA titles [Anthem, The Division] is similar or lags behind. This gave us more energy and motivation. We take the comments to heart to make LLL an even better game than the ones mentioned.

This should be done primarily through innovative innovations. LLL is supposed to be an MMO shooter with a completely open game world. Through these you can move on foot or with different vehicles on the ground and in the air.

As in many other shooters, cover, the “high ground” and the knowledge of the terrain should play a role. Players should work together, but also be able to sabotage each other. The game content should change dynamically, depending on different situations. However, there was no precise explanation here.

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You can scan areas to spot threats, call in airstrikes, or activate energy shields to block incoming missiles. In addition, players can hop into and fight with robots themselves, reminiscent of Titanfall.

Players can choose from a variety of characters, each with unique names and backstories. These characters take different roles – tank, DD or support.

What about guns otherwise? The weapons in the game should feel very realistic. For this purpose, motion capture was carried out with members of the military. The weapons are said to be very detailed and the shot animations are said to have taken at least as much work as the rest of the weapon design.

In addition, many things affect the handling of the weapon, such as the weight of the inventory or the movement of the player.

What was revealed about the technology? NCSoft attaches great importance to precise gameplay and good performance. The conversion between pressing a button and the action on the screen should be as short as never before.

Great attention was also paid to details in the graphics, the sound and the physics.

You can watch the complete developer video with German subtitles on YouTube:

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When is the game supposed to come out? Project LLL is scheduled for simultaneous worldwide release in 2024. The release is planned for PC and current consoles. The shooter is created in Unreal Engine 5. Development began almost three years ago.

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What information is missing? So far there are no statements about the payment model. They don’t want to worry about that until later. It is also somewhat unclear what the exact content of the game is. Do you mainly fight against other players or NPCs? Are there side quests or any other common thread to follow? Many statements about this still sound very vague.

What do you say about the shooter? Does the gameplay appeal to you? Or are there still too many details missing?

In addition to Project LLL, NCSoft is also working on an MMORPG. You can find out everything about it here:

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