Pokémon Anime – Reunion after 25 years: Ash meets his very first Pokémon again

Ash meets his very first Pokémon again and of course not a dry eye stays dry.

Ash meets his very first Pokémon again and of course not a dry eye stays dry.

A Pokémon era is coming to an end. Ash Ketchum is sort of retiring after 25 years of training Pokémon like crazy. In the anime, someone else will soon take over the helm. Which of course also means that we’ll get to see a few particularly emotional scenes until then. Like this one, for example, which features a touching reunion between Ash and his very first Pokémon. It’s the buttery butter he reluctantly let go in season one.

Pokémon anime sees Ash and his first Pokémon ever meeting again

Ash is finally the very best. Accordingly, he has finally made it and can hang up his hat as a Pokémon trainer with quiet knowledge. As recently announced, if someone else is to take over the baton, the Pokémon anime will have to do without Ash Ketchum:

The Pokémon anime reveals its new main characters and heralds Ash's farewell


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The Pokémon anime reveals its new main characters and heralds Ash’s farewell

The Pokémon anime gets 11 new episodes left, which are also the final episodes with Ash. However, Pokémon Journeys has already come to an end in Japan. In it, perhaps the most touching reunion of the entire franchise was celebrated.

In the first season there was an episode called “Bye Bye, Butterfree” and it is still considered one of the most emotional episodes ever. It was then that Ash had to make the sad and difficult decision to release his Butterfree.

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This was especially important because it was the first Pokemon he had ever caught and the bond between the two was very strong. Even though he didn’t include it in his team as Butterfree, but rather its preliminary stage, Raupy, he was extremely proud of it.

In the final episode of Pokémon Journeys It was now a heartwarming reunion. The reunion causes emotional reactions from many fans that are similar to the original breakup:

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After all this time, of course, it hits you the hardest. We can probably look forward to more moments like this.

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear when the latest Pokémon Journeys episodes will also be officially available in Germany.

More Pokemon you can take a look here:

Incidentally, after 25 years, Ash Ketchum has finally made it into a video game as a real character. Yes, you read that right: There has never been a real, genuine appearance by the protagonist of the anime series in a game before.

How hard did that moment hit you back then? What has been the most emotional Pokemon moment for you so far?