Pokémon Crimson: Tips for catching 4 legendary evil Pokémon, that’s how it works!

Pokémon Crimson: Tips for catching 4 legendary evil Pokémon, that's how it works!

In the Paldea region of open world adventure Pokémon Crimson & Crimson there is a lot to do. Among other things, you can follow the puzzle around 32 mysterious stakes get to the bottom. These hang with four legendary evil Pokémon together and we’ll give you some tips to catch them.

This is how you catch the legendary Pokémon Yuyu and Baojian

As in our guide just mentioned, we start with the blue stakes. If you have pulled all eight out of the ground, you can take the corresponding one Shrine of Dark Flames to open. You can find this in the Northern Zone 2specifically a fair bit north-east of the Greasegrove.

Interacts with the shrine and the legendary Evil Pokémon Yuyu (Level 60) will appear. It owns the guys Dark/Fire. They are particularly effective against this pocket monster Water and rock attacks. Once you’ve weakened it enough, you can try to catch it with a Hyper Ball.

Now we come to the yellow poles, with the Shrine of the Ice Divided to open. You can find this in the west of Paldea, from lower end of the sizzling desert seen from a small piece southwest. As soon as you open this shrine, the legendary Bane Pokémon will appear Baojian (Level 60) in front of you.

This pocket monster owns the types Dark/Ice and you especially against Fire and Steel attacks susceptible. If necessary, you can too Combat Attacks use, but since the damage is quadrupled here, you should be careful not to defeat the Pokémon. It’s easy to catch with a hyperball.

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Catch Legendary Pokémon Dinglu and Chongjian, Here’s How!

Now only two legendary evil Pokémon are missing. You can catch the next one once you have all green stakes pulled out. The Shrine of the Blighted Earth can be found north of Caldero Lake in northwestern Paldea. The pocket monster is waiting here dinglu (Level 60) on you.

It owns the two types Dark/Ground and gets along well Plant and Water attacks be brought to their knees. Alternatively are also Ice and Fighting Attacks effectively. Once you’ve weakened your opponent sufficiently, you can capture them with a Hyper Ball and add them to your collection.

You can complete the quartet by purple stakes pulls out of the ground and then to Shrine of Rotten Wood goes. You can find this in the Southern Zone 1, seen east of the Cucharico lighthouse. After opening the shrine appears chongjian (Level 60) in front of you.

This one owns the guys Dark/Plantwhich is why its mainly on Fire and Ice attacks should set to reduce his life energy. Also Bug Attacks are very effective. If your opponent has been trimmed enough, you can catch the pocket monster with a Hyper Ball.

Legendary Pokemon: So you have success all four Legendary Bane Pokémon caught in Pokémon Crimson & Crimson. If you are looking for more tips, please have a look our guides to the games.

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