Pokémon GO: Players are dissatisfied with the C-Day – Popular monsters were probably only available for 5 minutes

Pokémon GO: Players are dissatisfied with the C-Day - Popular monsters were probably only available for 5 minutes

Pokémon GO December C-Day is over. Now some players are criticizing that certain Pokémon were only available for 5 minutes.

Which Community Day is it? The most recent Community Day in Pokémon GO ran on December 17th and 18th. In our guide to the C-Day in December you could read all the information such as the start, the bonuses and the strengthened spawns.

Trainers could look forward to monsters like Kapuno and Kaumalat, two of the best Pokémon you could get your hands on at C-Day in December 2022.

Why are the players unhappy? The information circulated on reddit during C-Day that three Pokémon would only spawn at certain times and would disappear again after just 5 minutes.

The 3 Pokémon are the popular pocket monsters Bulbasaur, Hydropi, and Dratini, which can evolve into Bulbasaur, Swampex, and Dragoran.

According to player reports, the three only spawned in the last 5 minutes of a given hour – Bulbasaur at 2:55pm, Hydropi at 3:55pm, and Dratini at 4:55pm. Trainers are said to have only had 5 minutes a day to secure the three Pokémon.

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reddit user davebybab on December’s Community Day in Pokémon GO

Players criticize Bulbasaur, Hydropi, and Dratini spawn times

What are the players saying? On reddit, some trainers express a certain displeasure about the C-Day in December, more precisely about the spawn of the three Pokémon.

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For example,fallen0523 writes, “Anyone else feel like Niantic ripped us off during this month’s Community Day event? That Bulbasaur, Hydropi, and Dratini only showed up in the last 5 minutes of the lesson was ridiculous” (via reddit).

Reddit user TehWildMan also agreed: “The fact that their attacks were available was a pleasant surprise. But yeah, putting in the last 5 minutes of every hour as a surprise mechanic is just stupid” (via reddit).

The same is said of other coaches redditthe Community Day was “disappointing” and the Pokemon hardly spawned even in the 5 minutes.

“The best C-Day in the last 2-3 years”

Was there also positive feedback on the C-Day? Yes, there were also trainers who assessed the C-Day in December positively.

For example, Cyzerion writes, “We got 10 1/25 Shiny odds Pokemon for two days, and some extra classic C-Day Pokemon as extras. […] That was a great C-Day weekend (via reddit).”

The trainer slowseason came on reddit Taking it a step further, she praised, “That was maybe the best C-Day in the last 2-3 years.” Reddit user jakeb1616 agreed, “Yeah, I haven’t played much and have more Shinys than I wanted (via reddit).”

What else is currently available in Pokémon GO: Even though December Community Day is now over, the last month of 2022 still has a lot to offer for trainers. The first part of the big winter holiday event is still running until December 23rd.

You can also challenge Mega Firnontor in the raid until January 1st, 2023. In the raid guide on MeinMMO you can find out how you can defeat the boss.

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