The Last of Us comparison video impressively shows how close the series is to the game

The Last of Us Part 1 will be far more accessible than the original.

In a direct comparison, it becomes clear how strongly the series is based on the game.

We don’t even have to wait a month until the series adaptation of The Last of Us is available in streaming. Thanks to the latest trailer, we’ve already got a pretty good idea of ​​what Ellie and Joel’s journey together on the HBO series will be like. A video now contrasts scenes from the live-action implementation with appropriate moments from the game and once again shows very nicely how much the adaptation appreciates the original.

We see these comparisons in the video

The YouTube channel Speclizer compares scenes from The Last of Us Part 1 and the series in a two-minute video. Among them are very different and sometimes very emotional moments. We also get a direct comparison of some actors with their characters from the game or see a comparison of the infected.

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This can be seen concretely: It starts with the two Joels – i.e. “In-Game Joel”, who is embodied and spoken by Troy Baker, and Pedro Pascal as “Serienjoel”. Both say exactly the same sentence, which translates to: “You have no idea what loss is.” Later, we also take a look at both versions of his story-relevant watch, and we can see that even the shattered glass – a really small detail – was reproduced very closely from the original. We can also compare Joel to Ellie and to Sarah in emotional moments.

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Later we also see the clickers in the juxtaposition and can admire how beautifully disgusting the infected were designed for the series. Some striking places are also shown and make it clear once again how well the dark and melancholic mood of the original was captured.

Want to see the full new series trailer again? Here you can find him:

The Last of Us series: New trailer shows a bloater and more from Ellie, Joel and Co.


The Last of Us series: New trailer shows a bloater and more from Ellie, Joel and Co.

You can find out more about The Last of Us here:

How well the story actually works in the new medium remains to be seen. The level of detail speaks for itself, but of course changes have to be made because of the different format – which requires a lot of finesse. But currently it looks like fans can really look forward to the series. In the night of January 15th to 16th it starts in Germany on Sky.

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