War Thunder: Air Force, Army and Navy – Which branch of troops suits you?


as soon as you WarThunder downloaded and started, the action can begin in the military MMO. Right? Almost right, because you have to make a decision first: Which type of weapon do you want to field first?

You can choose between the Air Force with all kinds of aircraft, the Army with tanks and armored vehicles, and the Navy with warships and patrol boats. Each branch of troops offers completely different gameplay experiences.

That’s why we’re going to help you figure out which type of War Thunder suits you best. For this we explain to you exactly how the gameplay is designed. After that you have an overview.

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The Air Force

Probably the best-known third of War Thunder: With the Luftwaffe you get on planes and carry out intensive air battles against other players in multiplayer. The military MMO offers almost everything that human aviation has achieved over the course of 100 years. From rattling biplanes and monoplanes to early jet aircraft to state-of-the-art VTOL aircraft and attack helicopters – War Thunder leaves nothing to be desired.

Here you can play War Thunder

The gameplay is correspondingly airy: you first choose your nation from the ten available (e.g. Germany, the USA or the Soviet Union) and start your first air battle (arcade to get started, later maybe realism for the real simulation experience?) and you’ll find it you high above one of the detailed battlefields.

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Now it’s time to find the opposing team’s flying companions and prove your skills as a fighter pilot! So you approach within firing range and take a target under fire. The opponents don’t usually put up with this and fly pirouettes to avoid your hail of bullets.

Accordingly, you have to keep moving so that they don’t get behind you, turn the game around and perforate your wings. And of course you shouldn’t forget the tasks, for example destroying tank convoys on the ground in a risky dive, which can quickly end up on the ground of facts.

Take cover – of course that doesn’t work in the air! But you can climb to great heights, not only with bombers, to avoid the raging dogfight below you and position yourself tactically for a new attack.

The Luftwaffe in War Thunder is the right service for you if you always wanted to be a fighter pilot as a child or if you simply love the unlimited freedom in the sky. A head for heights is helpful.

the army

Those who are more down-to-earth should feel at home with the heavily armored ground troops. With tanks and mobile artillery from WWII through the Cold War to modern times, War Thunder covers a wide spectrum of heavy metal warfare. You can also lead highly specialized tanks into battle, such as the dangerous tank destroyers, which are specially equipped to destroy other tanks.

The gameplay is down to earth and highly tactical. You must capture and hold objectives, take out enemy vehicles and ideally work in a team with your colleagues to outplay the enemy. Mastering the realistically calculated ballistics of your projectiles is also important, so that you can hit enemy vehicles (even on the move) at any distance, despite the projectile trajectory. You also have to learn which parts of the tank are particularly sensitive and which are the most heavily armored.

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Depending on the map, there are sometimes more or fewer cover options for your tanks. In a twisty town, for example, you can take cover behind every house and pile of rubble. In the middle of the desert you have to make do with dunes and rocks. And when cover isn’t readily available, fast, unpredictable movement is your best defense.

Sounds fun? Then the tanks could become your favorite part of War Thunder, especially if you are official tactical foxes.

The Navy

This weapon branch is the latest addition to War Thunder. Here you can either compete with fast patrol boats in coastal waters or the very heavy battlecruisers and destroyers on the high seas. Again, the military MMO covers a long period of time, from old WWII warships to modern boats still in service today.

As usual, the gameplay is very immersive. For example, you have to navigate between a group of islands with your huge battleship. Meanwhile, the enemy fleet is already appearing on the horizon. Now you take aim at the ships, some of which are bobbing around kilometers away, with long-range cannons.

Here you have to plan ahead particularly effectively where your shots will land. After all, depending on the distance, the projectiles travel for several seconds. Very satisfying when they then hit the middle of an opponent’s deck. There are also torpedoes for close range!

There is almost no cover except for the islands and other things that float in the sea. So you are dependent on keeping moving in order to make a target that is as difficult as possible to hit. Should a hit occur, you can counteract this with immediate measures such as extinguishing work in order to remain in the fight.

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The Navy is the best version of War Thunder for you if you just feel really comfortable with salty flavor and always wanted to pilot such a huge battleship through the ocean.

Why not both?

A little additional information at the end: You can also mix the three different troop branches. The Combined Arms mode lets player-controlled tanks and planes or ships and planes take part in battles at the same time.

Here you can play War Thunder

In addition, there are quite a few War Thunder players who do not commit themselves to one type of weapon at all, but simply take turns playing what they feel like doing. Of course, the military MMO offers this option – also because any way of playing brings you progress and experience.