Warcraft 3 modder does Blizzard’s job

Warcraft 3 modder does Blizzard's job

the BlizzCon 2018 left WarCraft fans with great expectations. The much loved WarCraft 3 should be reissued and not too short.

It wasn’t just talk of one new graphic. the cut scenes looked familiar but didn’t appear in this form in the original WarCraft 3 – wow! Blizzard suggested that they would even incorporate innovations such as revised cutscenes.

And not only that: further there was talk of revised Maps and Campaignswhich the community finally assumed for the launch.

But one or the other at Blizzard decided halfway that that was probably too much of a good thing, which is why many of the promises over the top were become.

The improved cutscenes didn’t exist. The changes to the maps were minimal and the new graphics with the old maps made the game look old in a way.

The result was extremely long faces among buyers and a gigantic return campaign. Disappointed minds remained.

WarCraft 3 mod addresses the vulnerabilities

But here comes Luca Pasqualini into play, who in the modding scene as Insane Monster is known. And he lives up to his alias, because with his work he takes on the problems that Blizzard should have solved.

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He’s been working on a pretty impressive one for quite some time model called “WarCraft 3: Re-Reforged” and it’s really something to be proud of. For several years he worked on making the first maps of WarCraft 3: Reforged miss the mark Blizzard originally intended. Pasqualini writes:

“I was incredibly excited about Warcraft 3: Reforged, and while the disappointment was there, I saw great potential in the artistic elements and in the few but significant changes Blizzard made to the engine. Mainly for fun, I tried to reforge the first map of the prologue with better cinematics, and now…well, here we are!”

In detail there is a series of custom campaignsthe revised cutscenes included to match the BlizzCon trailer. Besides, he has Warcraft lore added that Maps revised and the difficulty levels customized.

On top of that, he installed intermezzos with an “RPG-style camera and corresponding mechanics”. The next campaign is now completely ready.

You can download the mods from the WarCraft 3 community site, Hive Workshop.

What is the current status of development?

Due to the scope, the modder is making slow but good progress. He’s been working on the mod since launch. So far it’s there Prologue with the Horde and the complete campaign of the peoplenow with the 2nd act.

So it should take a few more years until the mod with all campaigns is complete. But is it worth it?

My opinion: It’s very impressive what some fans pull out of a hat and in the case of “WarCraft 3 Re-Reforged” it’s a massive mammoth project. But it’s worth it, after all, Luca can offer fans what Blizzard sorely missed at launch. And if this self-initiative leads to players being able to enjoy Reforged more intensely, then he should definitely stay tuned.


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