Warning message for HP laptops with AMD components

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Update for security vulnerabilities

HP has released an important security update intended to close vulnerabilities with a high threat level. Laptops with AMD components are affected.


A security update is required for some HP laptops to close malicious code gaps.
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Attention all users of HP laptops: The hardware manufacturer has been hiring in the past few days important security update ready to close malicious code gaps in various models.

Those are probably the most affected EliteBook, Elite Mini and Mobile Thin Client series from HP, namely in those versions that have installed components from AMD.

It all comes from one Security Advisory from HP emerged, which was already published in November. Now in December, the necessary security update has been provided, which is the designation CVE-2022-27538 wearing. The five vulnerabilities mentioned were fixed with the threat level “high” classified and should therefore be closed quickly.

In addition, another vulnerability was discovered on Intel systems that were also patched using the provided BIOS update.

Previously, it was probably possible for attackers to access the system through the security gaps, steal data or to install malicious code. Therefore, caution is advised until the appropriate updates have been installed.

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