WoW: Equal rights – new chain bikinis are also available for male characters

WoW: Big class balancing - countless buffs and nerfs for the upcoming ID

from Philip Sattler
The new trading post in WoW Patch 10.0.5 brings a lot of new transmog. Including a chain mail in bikini size. In the course of equality, this will not only be available to female but also to male characters.

Blizzard has been on a crusade against sexism and for equality in WoW for almost a year now (buy now ). The reasons for this are known and do not need to be chewed through again. In some places this approach is certainly perfectly okay, but in other places it is often discussed whether it is not going too far.

This news will certainly also be discussed, although it is actually nothing new for WoW. Because in contrast to other MMOs, there was never a significant difference between armor for male and female characters (or as it is now called: body 1 and body 2) in the world of Azeroth anyway.