WoW: Going head-to-head in the “World First” race – limit and echo make it exciting

WoW: Going head-to-head in the "World First" race - limit and echo make it exciting

The race for the “World First Kill” in World of Warcraft is coming to an end – two professional guilds are fighting a brutal race.

The so-called “World First” race has been running in World of Warcraft for almost a week. The best guilds in the world are trying to defeat the current final boss, Raszageth, on Mythic difficulty. In the meantime, two guilds have arrived at the Storm Eater and are engaged in an exciting race. But the way there was rather long-winded.

This is the current status: The “World First” race is now in full swing and the first guilds are already on the home stretch. Team Liquid (formerly known as “Limit”) and Echo have both arrived at “Raszageth, the Storm Eater” and are trying to blow out the virtual lights of life from the last boss.

Team Liquid is currently in the lead, although that doesn’t mean much.

  • Team Liquid’s best pull was 70.43% life remaining.
  • Echo’s best effort, on the other hand, was 86.41% health remaining.

However, it is important to mention that Team Liquid has already made 34 attempts on Raszageth, while Echo has given up after 4 attempts.

Later it will continue for both guilds when the pros have slept well and tackle the matter with renewed energy.

The current state of the “World First Race”. (12/19/2022, 11:40 a.m. Source:

Liquid leads, but the lead is thin: Basically, Team Liquid has been ahead of the game so far and has been able to record the most “first kills”. Of the 7 bosses killed so far, Liquid was the first guild to win 5 of them. Only Eranog and the Primalist Council were credited to Vesper.

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Although Team Liquid still has a big lead so far, that could change quickly. Because Echo was extremely good at catching up. For most bosses, Echo took significantly fewer tries than Team Liquid, even if they were later. Brood Keeper Diurna (Boss 7) was up to Echo after just 47 tries, while Team Liquid needed a whopping 85. Even with Kurog Grimtotem (Boss 6), Echo was done after 20 attempts, while Team Liquid had to submit with 57 attempts.

So it remains exciting.

By the way, this video takes place after the victory over Raszageth – risk of spoilers!

WoW shows new cinematic: This is how the fight against Raszageth ends

What are other guilds doing? Even if it looks a bit lonely at the top with Echo and Liquid, other guilds are still involved in the race. “BDGG” (Big Dumb Gaming Guild) in particular are in 3rd place and have currently defeated 5 of 8 bosses. “Instant Dollars” has already defeated 5 bosses.

A little further behind are the pros from Method, who have currently “only” defeated 4 of 8 bosses and are therefore in 5th place. However, it seems unlikely that we will catch up here.

Criticism of the start of the race: However, there was some criticism of the course of the race from many spectators and also from the casters who accompany the “World First” race. Because the first days of the race consisted almost exclusively of preparations. Instead of jumping straight into Mythic mode, almost all guilds opted to visit Normal and Heroic modes first to farm better gear and improve their players’ performance.

It was comparatively boring for viewers, however, as Normal and Heroic “are about nothing” – and watching the pros spend hours playing warm-up rounds against the easier versions of the bosses was limited entertainment.

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That’s why the raid start was unusual: With the Vault of Incarnations, Blizzard tried something new. Normally, the Mythic difficulty starts with a week delay.

However, Blizzard also chose to launch the raid at the same time to accommodate the professional guilds a little. Because if the raid had started a week later – on December 21st – it would have been very likely that the race would last over the Christmas holidays. That would have put quite a strain on the pro players, who would also have liked to spend some quality time with their families over the Christmas period.

It is therefore questionable whether Blizzard will again aim for a simultaneous start of all difficulties in the next raid.

What do you think of the “World First” race in World of Warcraft? Did you enjoy the race so far? Do you see the simultaneous start of the difficulties as an advantage or a disadvantage?

If you want to follow the race, we have an overview of all streams for you here.