Zelda Breath of the Wild fan discovers a trick after 5 years that could help you

Zelda Breath of the Wild fan discovers a trick after 5 years that could help you

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of those games that still surprises many years after its release. The mix of open world and physics gimmicks allows almost infinite combinations with amazing results. Here you can see a trick that a lot of fans are excited about right now, because apparently many just didn’t think of it.

Zelda BotW: We probably all made it way too difficult for ourselves at this point

That’s what it’s about: In Zelda BotW there are various ancient towers that we can activate to uncover the map and at the same time they serve as fast travel points. It’s not difficult to get up there at first, but that changes over time.

For example, this sheikah tower here in Gerudo Sausages is surrounded by a seething swamp. If we fall in, we die instantly. That’s why some players, for example, use the metal blocks lying around with the Magnesis module to pave their way, but that can take time.

A very clever idea is there already to use Cryonis. Yes, this also works with this liquid! Which, for example, was never clear to me, even though I’ve already spent several hundred hours in Zelda BotW. But while some fans go into raptures at the idea of ​​not having thought of it, it gets even better.

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Knock down the pillars! Near the tower are some huge ruin-like towers jutting out of the water. They can be knocked over by placing a Cryonis Ice Block under them. If the pillar tips over, it creates a domino effect and the other ruined towers are knocked over as well. So you can get to the tower extremely easily.

Actually, this mechanism of lifting things with the ice blocks is of course also explained and used in various shrines. But obviously a lot of Zelda BotW fans and myself never thought of transferring that to these pillars here.

Otherwise, knocking over the huge towers with other means and creating the same effect also seems to work. For example, you can just shoot a bomb arrow at the first pillar and it will tip over. They look so stable and immobile. Learned something again!

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Zelda Breath of the Wild was released back in 2017 and is still engaging and delighting many fans. But soon the successor should finally appear: Zelda – Tears of the Kingdom is the name of the sequel and in May 2023 the time has come. We’re curious to see whether the title can build on the qualities of its predecessor.

What was your favorite surprise of this kind in Zelda BotW? What excited you the most?