Apple Silicons enter Apple’s self-repair program


Apple just added new devices to its repair program self servicespecifically some Mac models of the new Apple Silicon generation: the iMac, Mac mini, Mac Studio and the Studio Display monitor.

They are not yet available to buy the original parts to do yourself the repair that your device needs, but they will be in a few days. For now, what you can do is download a PDF from the Apple website on repair manual for each specific device.

Apple has just expanded its self-service repair program with new devices that can be repaired by the user “with the permission” of the company. They are some models of Mac Apple Silicon. Components, tools and repair manuals are now available for the iMac, macmini Y MacStudio with M1 chips, and monitor Studio Display.

All of this is already available in the US. Spain is one of the countries where there is also such an Apple self-repair program. But at the moment, the components to repair these new models are not yet available. They will be in the next few days. You can also rent the special tools necessary to carry out your repair for seven days.

Manuals available

But if you’re curious, what you can already do is download in PDF the repair manuals of each device, in the official Web Apple support.

However, the company, reluctant to let you disassemble a Mac in your own home, explains that the program is aimed at people who have “experience with the difficulties involved in repairing highly sophisticated electronic devices.”

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For the vast majority of Mac users, Apple advises that if you have to repair a Mac you go to a technical service Professional repair with skilled technicians using genuine Apple parts. It ensures that it is the safest and most reliable way to repair a Mac with full guarantee of operation. Come on, Apple doesn’t trust us…