Be a gecko and climb on any surface in The Gecko Gods

Be a gecko and climb on any surface in The Gecko Gods

The cat game reigned supreme in 2022, but there’s a chance 2023 could be the year of the gecko game. That’s how I feel after watching the trailer for The Gecko Gods, at least. It’s an action adventure in which you control a cute little lizard who can crawl across walls and ceilings, and also solves puzzles, fights golems and pilots a boat.

Here’s the announcement trailer:

“Climb everything” is really all I need from a video game synopsis to be onboard. It helps that the gecko looks so perfectly animated, with its cute little arms working overtime and its tail slinking along behind it. I believe this guy can control a boat.

Although the trailer above shows some dashing and darting in combat, The Gecko Gods Steam page describes it as “combat-light” and leans heavily into it as a “chill” experience about solving puzzles and exploring the remains of a lost civilization. There’s a story to steer you through the game, but also an “open” island with optional secrets and collectibles, if that’s your thing.

While I’m glad I won’t have to spend much time battling ancient robots, I do like the look of the little dash-and-grab when eating bugs. I like it when the animals in animal games do their animal things.

The Steam page just says “coming soon”, but the trailer above says The Gecko Gods is aiming to release in 2023. You can wishlist it now.

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