Breachway: Space deck-building roguelite coming to Hooded Horse in 2023 – News

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December 20, 2022 – 6:21 p.m — Last updated 1 hour ago

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Publisher Hooded Horse yesterday announced a collaboration with Romanian indie developer Edgeflow Studio. Their first game should be together breach way To be released on Steam in 2023. You can watch the mini teaser trailer right below this news.

Breachway becomes a tactical space strategy game. At its core, it will be a roguelite deckbuilding game aimed at players who enjoy titles like Slay the Spire (in check) and FTL: Faster than light (in the short test) have. In a procedurally generated galaxy, you conduct turn-based battles, choose a ship and upgrade it, hire a crew and level up.

Victor RubinsteinLead Designer for Breachway, had this to say about the collaboration:

During our search for a publisher, we looked at various options. None of them quite met our expectations. Hooded Horse’s openness, trust, easy communication and passion for games was immediately apparent to us and we knew we had found the partner we were looking for.

Breachway key features include:

  • Complex ship upgrade system
  • different tactical options
  • Karty synergy effects
  • each crew member has their own peculiarities, which also play a role in encounters
  • unlockable ships and factions increase replay value
  • depending on your crew and the decisions you make, your game will develop differently; you have to make decisions in a moral gray area again and again

For more information on Breachweay, visit the official site, Twitter or the associated Discord server. Incidentally, Edgeflow Studio, based in Timisoara, has developed VR training software for well-known international companies in the past and has worked for games such as Ember Sword to.

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