CoD Modern Warfare 2: The new update causes problems!

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Once again there around Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 numerous reports of technical problems. On the bumpy launch of the title in this respect we had already reported on our website. with the am December 14th published mid-season update, there are now again a large number of reports that do not speak for a pleasant gaming experience. Eurogamer emphasizes that aspects such as the first raid level of the game, the Warzone Cup mode or a new version of the map shipment came into play with the update. Nevertheless, thanks to the problems, these are now not the focus of reporting.

Where are the problems?

Basically, four major problems have surfaced in the community since the update. For example, numerous people on the game subreddit report that their custom weapon builds deleted after loading the update.

Vg247 and Eurogamer emphasize that Infinity Ward has now been able to determine the context in which this happened. Equipping gold camos could have caused some to lose a weapon build or two, and some to lose all of their weapon builds. Also the loss of progress for unlocking the Weapon Camos was a problem at times, but has now been resolved.

The players were particularly annoyed here because the activation process can sometimes take a long time. While problems in matchmaking still sound bearable on consoles, the message “DevError 11557“Caused resentment. The Ginx website emphasizes that the gamers are particularly affected by such news on consoles. Infinity Ward recommends reinstalling the approximately 200 gigabyte game.

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